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John Travolta Admits He Almost Gave Up Acting
He is making his return to cinemas around the country this week but the <em>Grease</em> star has revealed that he almost gave up making films.

John Travolta makes his return to the big screen this week in Oliver Stone’s latest film, Savages, but the actor admitted that he almost hung up his acting hat when his son passed away.

The Grease star’s teenage son Jett died three years ago after having a seizure during a family holiday in the Bahamas.

According to reports Travolta said: “I lost my son a few years ago and I had been having quite a tome of that and after three years of getting a lot of support from my church and a lot of support from people, fans, family, I decided that it was okay to go back to work.”

The 58 year old actor also added: “I’d even thought of retiring at one point, because it felt like too much.”

Speaking of things being too much, Travolta has had his fair share of scandal over the years and expressed his feelings on the right to privacy in relation to the topless photographs of Kate Middleton that surfaced recently.


After saying it was the “worst time to be famous,” he claimed: “There is a right to privacy whether you’re famous or not and I feel that anyone being invaded at that level is unfortunate and there should be a law…”

Travolta makes his return to the big screen in Oliver Stone's new film.

Savages is in cinemas now and also stars Blake Lively and Salma Hayek. There’s also a couple of good-looking men in it too.

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