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Maria Doyle Kennedy Says No to Botox
In a recent interview the Irish actress and singer has revealed that she has never gotten Botox and is happy to age gracefully... and naturally.

Irish actress Maria Doyle Kennedy has revealed that she hasn’t resorted to surgery to maintain her youthful looks.

The actress and singer, who rose to fame in the film The Commitments, looks fabulous at the age of 48 but insists that it is all natural.

Maria with her Commitments co-stars Bronagh Gallagher and Robert Arkins.

She told the Irish Sunday Mirror: ‘I haven’t had any Botox or anything like that. I feel a responsibility to look my age as I’m getting older, on screen or wherever.’

Maria went so far as to give away her secrets to looking young. She said, ‘I’m happy and I think that maybe helps. I think working hard and having children keeps you young, keeps you active. I love bikram yoga, I do that when I get a chance.’


And worked hard she most certainly has. From having roles in both The Tudors and Downton Abbey to releasing her fifth solo album, it’s a wonder Maria has time to sit down never mind running after her kids.

The actress poses alongside Sam Neill and others from television show The Tudors.

However this is something that Maria says she would never take for granted no matter how busy her life is.

‘But most importantly I appreciate my life, I don’t take it for granted. I feel very lucky to have met somebody that I can make a life with. I feel very lucky to have been able to have children. I don’t think it happens for everybody.’

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