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20 Ways to Love Yourself Right Now
If you've been feeling a bit lacking in the self-love department lately, here are a few ideas to help you get your spark back (you gorgeous thing!)

We think it’s time that we let you in on a little secret. Self-acceptance is sexy. It’s a personality trait that immediately makes you more attractive to people and most importantly, to yourself.

There’s an old saying that goes along the lines of ‘...if you don’t love yourself, how can you expect anyone else to love you?’ and here at headquarters, we’re inclined to believe that this is so true.

In this day and age, it is so important for us to be our own cheerleaders, to celebrate and be happy with ourselves – goodness knows there’s enough people out there who want to tear us down and make us feel awful. The last thing we need is for us to be doing it to ourselves.

Self-acceptance is that spark that makes someone stand out from the crowd. You can just tell when a woman completely accepts and loves herself for who she is. Exhibit A? Check out Beyoncé. Fierce, right?

But for a lot of us, learning to love ourselves is a never-ending battle. We’ve been conditioned to believe that we’re not good enough or pretty enough or smart enough. We’re our own worst enemies. We shun praise and instead choose to believe that no one will ever love us because we’re overweight or because we decided not to go to college.

Ladies, it is time to stop with the self-hate and learn to appreciate how amazing you truly are. For an instant self-confidence boost, why not try one of the following?

1. Write a list: about how great you are, naturally. List all the things you love about yourself. Put it beside your bed and read it every morning to set you up for the day ahead.

2. Compliment yourself: When was the last time you gave yourself a few friendly words? Compliment yourself and do it often. You look great today. Your hair looks amazing. Is that a new handbag? You’ve got great style girl!

3. Smile first thing in the morning: Research has shown that smiling, even when you don’t feel like it, will immediately make you feel better about yourself. Bust out a cheesy grin as soon as you wake up – it’s a guaranteed way to start your day off right.


4. Use an affirmation: It can be hard to turn off your inner-critic. Actually it can be exhausting. Instead of trying to fight against that negative little voice, why not try and distract it instead? Pick a positive affirmation; so for example, instead of saying “Oh my god I’m so fat” change your thought to: “I love and accept my body exactly as it is.”

5. Know that you are good enough: No matter what anyone says to you, you are worthy, you’re gorgeous, you’re capable, you’re smart and you are definitely good enough. We promise.

6. Invest in your appearance: We don’t mean that you should be dressing up to the nines every single day, but a little investment goes a long way. Take the time in the mornings to do your make-up in a way that you love or to pick out an amazing outfit that makes you feel amazing. You’ll get compliments all day long and you’ll feel so much better. It’s a proven fact that when we think we look good, our mood skyrockets.

7. Know that you don’t NEED someone else in order to love yourself: Acquiring yourself a gentleman caller will not make you feel better about yourself if you’re already lacking in the self-love department. You are enough all by yourself. Become your own living, breathing love letter.

8. Buy yourself flowers: Love flowers? Treat yourself and get your hands on the most obscenely beautiful bouquet money can buy – you’re worth it after all.

9. Look after your body: Take the time to learn about nutrition and show your body you love it by eating healthily and taking good care of yourself. And hey, technically, dark chocolate counts as being ‘healthy.’ Sure isn’t it full of antioxidants? Holla!

10. Don’t worry what others think about you: Easier said than done. We know. But just think about it – who cares if someone doesn’t like your sense of style or your job or the way you’re always chirpy first thing in the morning? It’s not a reflection on you at all. The majority of the time, these people have a deep seated problem that goes way beyond you, you just trigger something in them. Ignore them and be thankful you’re not like that.

11. Stop trying to ‘fit in’: You’re an individual. There is no one like you on the face of the earth right now and there never will be again. You’re an original. A once off. Celebrate your difference, baby!


12. Stand up for yourself: Going along with the crowd is such a drag. Value your own opinions enough to speak up and speak out if something is bothering you.

13. Respect yourself: Always. 110 per cent. If you don’t treat yourself with love and respect, other people will follow suit and do the same. Set an example by respecting yourself at all times.

14. Be your own best friend: How do you treat your BFF? We bet you treat her a lot better than you treat yourself. How about you turn some of that compassion towards yourself?

15. Set an example: Show other women how easy it is. Be an inspiration. Show women how much easier and better life is when you’re your own greatest fan.

16. Never settle. For anything: Never settle for a job that is less than you deserve. Never settle for a relationship that doesn’t give you what you need. Never settle for a friendship that doesn’t support you fully. You are worth so much more. Always aim high.

17. Love yourself enough to walk away from bad relationships: Know when it is time to say ‘no’ and walk away. Never let anyone take advantage of you. You’re a strong woman. If someone isn’t treating you properly, put on your fabulous stilettos and strut away pronto!

18. Put yourself first: You should be the #1 person in your life. It is perfectly fine for you to be selfish and put your own needs above the needs of others. Do what’s right for you.

19. Believe in yourself: Sometimes it can be hard to trust our own decisions. We second guess ourselves and worry that we’ll regret it later down the line. Know that only you can make the right decisions for yourself. When it comes to your own life, only YOU know what’s best for yourself. Believe in your ability to make the right decisions for yourself.

20. Just love yourself: Wildly, madly, unconditionally, passionately. You are always good enough. You’re fab. You’re amazing. Celebrate yourself. You are always worth the effort.

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