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Are You Getting too Much? New Research Shows Link Between Iron and Cancer...
Medical experts have warned that eating too much of the mineral Iron could actually cause bowel cancer in later life.

We all know that when you’re a woman, it’s super-important to make sure that you’re getting enough iron in your diet. However, new research has shown that too much of the mineral may increase your risk of developing bowel cancer in the future.

The Irish Sun reports that too much iron could prove fatal for people with a faulty gut gene, according to medical experts.

For years, women have been told to make sure that they’re getting enough iron in their diets as our periods tend to deplete the levels of the mineral in our bodies, making us more susceptible to conditions such as anaemia and exhaustion.

Now though medical experts are warning that we need to watch how much iron we’re consuming as it could increase our risk of developing bowel cancer in later life. Worrying, right?

According to medics, new research on mice has shown that when the gut gene APC is faulty it can interact with iron and actually trigger tumour growth.

“It’s clear iron is playing a critical role in controlling the development of bowel cancer in people with a faulty APC gene,” said Professor Owen Sansom from the Institute for Cancer Research in Glasgow.


Spinach, like steak, is chocked-full of iron.

Iron is a mineral that is essential for healthy blood and, according to research, women aged between 12 and 50 tend to need much more iron than men. The recommended daily allowance of Iron for women in this age bracket is 14mg.

While the above research is worrying, experts have said that as long as we eat our recommended daily allowance of Iron and not overdose on it, we should be perfectly fine.

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