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"After We Graduated...": Heartwarming Photo Of Woman And Her Service Dog Graduating Goes Viral
"I couldn't have graduated without him..."

A photo of a young woman and her canine companion has gone viral after it was posted online following her graduation ceremony.

Reddit user tcjones54 took this snap of the graduate at the side of the stage in a wheelchair accompanied by her pooch, both dresses in matching caps and gowns.

"The girl and the dog received the loudest applause hands down. Very adorable," tcjones54 wrote.

According to comments on the sharing site, the photo was taken at the Saturday ceremony of the College College of Applied Health Sciences at the University of Illinois.

A day after the photo went viral, the woman in the photo uploaded her own snapshot to the site (see below).


"This is my service dog, Hero, after we we?! Our hearts are melting] graduated with our Master's degrees at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign," she wrote in a caption accompanying this photo.

"Hero knows over forty commands to assist me," wrote.

"He loves to retrieve objects for my like envelopes, pens, my crutches, etc. He also turns off the lights, opens doors, and he pulls me in my wheelchair up ramps! I couldn't have gone to college without him."

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