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Amy Huberman Put to the Test With Baby
The actress had a new challenge during the shooting of the latest series of her show Threesome. It was a challenge that typically cries a lot and makes a mess!

Amy Huberman will certainly have her hands full in the next series of her popular television show Threesome. And we don’t mean in the metaphorical sense, we’re talking literally have her hands full!

The actress was faced with the somewhat challenging task of dealing with a baby as well as remembering her lines and where to stand when filming the show.

Amy with her co-stars Stephen Wright and Emun Elliot.

An insider revealed to the Herald: “Things are always interesting with a baby in your arms… it makes any television series more demanding.” Never mind a television series, it makes anything more demanding.

Despite this, Amy is said to be “very excited” about the second series which is due to air on Comedy Central next month.


There will be a lot riding on the new episodes not only due to the fact that it is the programme’s first scripted comedy series but also because of the critical acclaim the first one received.

But we're sure it won't disappoint. After all, as well as ex-partners and crazy security guards, there are a number of celebrity cameos including comedian Bill Bailey for viewers to enjoy as well.

Between the show and her new book, it’s a wonder Amy has time to breathe never mind anything else!

Tell us, will you be tuning into the show next month?

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