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Misha B the Bully? Louis Walsh Stands By His Words
Remember when Louis Walsh called Misha B a "bully" on the X-Factor last year? Well he's just stated that he stands by his words. We guess Misha B won't be getting an apology any time soon...

Louis Walsh is a man who stands by his words. In fact, he stands by them so much that he is flat-out refusing to apologize for calling X-Factor Misha B “a bully” on the reality TV show last year.

The Irish Independent reports that on the last series of the television show, Louis caused one of the most controversial moments that the show had ever seen by accusing Misha B of being a backstage bully live on air.

Speaking about the incident at the launch of the new series, Louis had the following to say for himself:

“We’re just being honest. We sometimes say things we shouldn’t say, but we’re emotionally involved in our acts and we want to win.”

In other words, Misha B, we wouldn’t be holding our breath waiting for an apology any time soon if we were you girl.

And Louis isn’t the only judge who believes in speaking his mind and being firm in his convictions. Tulisa also stated that she always voices her true opinions, whether the cameras are rolling or not.


Tulisa said that her opinions are always sincere.

“Whenever I’m on the show, I’m saying what I’m thinking. I don’t premeditate situations and think, ‘I’ll be like this or do something like that,” she said.

“I’m just 100% me. What comes to me at the time comes to me. If people like me, great, if they don’t, so be it. It’s always going to be about the music. You need to see every side of a person and see them in every situation. When you do that, there will be tears, drama and laughs, but it’s still about the music and it doesn’t make it any less credible a show,” she added.

Do you think Louis was right to call Misha B out in front of a live studio audience?

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