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Red-Hot Romance: The 4 Must-Try Sex Moves You Need To Know
Finish your Bank Holiday weekend with a bang and try one of these super sexy moves in the bedroom...

Feeling a bit frisky on this Bank Holiday Monday? Why not finish off your long weekend with a bang in the bedroom?

According to sex and relationship experts, these four positions are a definite must-try – especially if you’ve been looking for a way to spice things ups or make things a little more exciting in the boudoir.

Grab your man, set the mood and get ready – class is in session.

Grab your man, hit the bedroom and get hot with these must-try moves

Must-try move #1: The Claw

Granted, it has a weird name but this position is perfect for those nights when yourself and your other half want to get a little wild. Get your man to pick you up and hold you by placing his hands on your derrière. Wrap your legs around him and start off with a gentle ‘bouncing’ motion. A word of warning: make sure you don’t ‘bounce’ too hard – the last thing you want is for one of you to slip!

Make it more exciting: Try it out in the shower or help the movement of things by slicking some baby oil on his chest (but not too much!).

Must-try move #2: The Scream Machine


Lie on your back and gently place your legs over your man’s shoulders. Get him to lean forward so his chest is resting against the back of your thighs. This move may require a little flexibility so make sure that your legs are comfortable before you start – remember, it’s supposed to feel good. If your legs start hurting, switch positions!

Make it more exciting: If you’re normally relatively quiet in the bedroom, heat things up by losing your inhibitions and making a little noise.

Make the missionary position more exciting by adding a little twist

Must-try position #3: Missionary With A Twist

Lie flat on your back as you would for normal missionary, but get your man to tilt to one side as he gets on top of you. The angle will mean that he’ll hit different places, so it will feel different to normal missionary plus you’ll be able to move a little more freely because there’ll be less weight on you.

Make it more exciting: Try experimenting with a little dirty talk in the position. Whisper filthy things into his ears and get him to return the favour.

Must-try move #4: The Reverse Doggy

Kneel on the floor and use a sofa or a bed to steady yourself. Get your man to kneel behind you. Spread your legs to allow yourself to balance. This position will make your body look fantastic because it will push your chest out and pull your tummy in, you can also control the speed from your position.

Make it more exciting: Experiment with a toy or put on your sexiest heels to heat this position up even more.

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