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The X-Factor Returns... As Does Its Emotional Soundtrack...
The reality show returns this Saturday, so we've decided to compile a selection of the predictably-emotional tunes the soundtrack will be playing for the next few weeks...

Talent show lovers are counting down the days, the suspense is rising, televisions are being set to record and Simon is investing in some new chest-hugging pants for his much-anticipated video pieces. 

It’s X-Factor, ladies and gentlemen, and it’s back.

The show starts this weekend with Louis Walsh, Gary Barlow, Tulisa and Nicole Scherzinger getting ready to take the judges’ seats and decide who the next UK or Ireland popstar, or popstars, will be.

We love to complain about it but we still love to watch it, a guilty pleasure some may say.

The very predictable, and almost funny, emotional soundtrack will also return to our small screens, and that’s why we have compiled these for you.

The look of despair on a contestant’s face, the slow-motion walk towards the audition building and the close-up on the sole tear on his cheek… it won’t be difficult to imagine when you get these tunes going!

1. Sigur Ross-Hoppipolla

Not a tune you may know by the name alone but the first few notes of this Icelandic ethereal composition is a definite suspense-maker on X-Factor… generally used just before the final judge gives their much-anticipated verdict.


2. Westlife-Flying Without Wings

They've done it. They've defied all odds. The audience was cheering, some were bawling. Slow motion images of daughters and mothers hugging each other. The judges were on their feet. This person has a future in music. Think the soundtrack starting from about 1:46...

3. Leona Lewis-Footprints in the Sand

Simon supports his own here and makes sure former X-Factor winner Leona gets a shot at the soundtrack too. The vocal-belter gets our eyes brimming with this tune. Check out 2:30 minutes in, no more to be said here. Sniff...

4. R Kelly-The World's Greatest

The X-Factor producers know their stuff...this emotional tune is played right from the beginning. Nothing like a few beating drums to get the hearts melting. This song is generally played just as the mountainous applause calms down after the man whose always been to shy to speak up belts out a tune that leave the judges speechless.


5. Snow Patrol-Chasing Cars

The X-Factor guys make a good choice and stick with the original for this song. Think the couple who decided to sing together, and blasted everyone out with their amazing vocal skills. We're guessing the judges use a minute and 36 seconds in as a good marker...

6. Take That-Greatest Day

A bit more up-lifting, this tune is the background to the kid that belted out a classic love tune and then runs towards his mum in the stage wings. Simon supports his own here again and gives judge Gary Barlow's band a few minutes on the soundtrack. The guitar-strumming at the start is essential.

7. Coldplay-Fix You

A real-tissue grabber for the tears tune, Chris Martin almost narrates the X-Factor story in this soundtrack essential, and we're sure that wasn't his songwriting career's aim...

8. Chris Daughtry-What About Now

The beginning of this tune is a must for the X-Factor emotional soundtrack. The lyrics could also be taken quite literally here. We're thinking the mother-of-seven who has always wanted to hit the big time and pursue her love of singing. A nice uplifting end to the programme, oooh we will definitely have to tune in next week again!

The X-Factor starts this Saturday night, August 18th at 8pm on ITV.

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