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This is the App You NEED Before Your Next Night Out
In fact, it’s hard to believe we’ve had to wait this long for it…

Remind us to download this one ahead of next Saturday night, will you?

Twenty-two-year-old Tara Dunne is our heroine of the week this week. The talented young businesswoman has developed an ingenious app that frankly, we can’t believe we’ve had to live so long without.

Lock Out was designed by Wexford woman Tara after years of ‘personal blunders’ and friends’ ‘bad experiences’.

Tara told us; “The idea of the app is you select four people who you can call/text while you’re on a night out (the emergency services is a compulsory number). You then tell the app how long you want Lock-Out to be active for. 

So, you can make sure that your home number, a trusted bestie or two and in case of emergency, the emergency services, are easily contactable, but if you get that sudden notion that 3am is a WONDERFUL time to talk to your ex, the app stops you from doing so.

Drink dialling, we've all done it. The morning after is The Worst.


If you’re also a social media danger to yourself and others, you can also tell the App to block access to your Facebook and Twitter profiles.

If you want to stop the App before the timer is finished, you will have to perform three sobriety tests, which are really fun games. If you fail any of them then the App will remain locked until the timer is finished. 

No more psyching yourself up for an hour before you look at the dreaded Sent Messages folder the morning after. Nice one.


You can download Lock Out and save yourself some serious drink-related shame here.

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