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Online Deal Website Jumps on Fifty Shades Bandwagon and Creates a "Buzz"
Normally online deal websites specialise in items like weekends away, household goods and jewellery - but one has started offering things that are a little more, ahem, adult...

We all know that online bargain sites are deadly when it comes to saving money and picking up a few great deals, but now they’re trying to offer savvy shoppers a bit more, ahem, satisfaction.

The Irish Sun reports that Groupon, the well-known online deals website, shocked a few visitors (and excited a few more!) when they advertised 109 Durex Pure Play Fantasy Vibrators as a special ‘City Deal’ on the website.

Now, we’re curious as to why the vibrators were offered as a ‘City Deal’ and while some part of us wants to know the reasoning behind this smooth advertising move, another part of us is just worried what kind of response we’d get.

Anyway, the vibrators, which are normally priced at €37.99 were on offer for a mere €11.99. What a bargain, right?

We’re sure there’ll be a lot of confused postmen around the country wondering why their parcels are buzzing when Groupon finally decides to ship these beauties out to the people who bought them.

According to reports, this is the first time that the website has dabbled in selling on items that you would usually find in an adult store.


We wonder if the site is trying to get involved in the current Fifty Shades of Grey phenomenon? After all, the offer was suspiciously advertised after thousands of copies of the raunchy read were sold around Ireland.

Speaking to the Irish Sun, a spokesman for Good Vibrations, an adult store in Dublin, said that despite the success of the book, sales of vibrators had “stabilised” in recent weeks.

“The dildo on offer by the website is very cheap and it would probably just be the basic model. The price all depends on the quality and we have vibrators that range from €10 to €100,” said the spokesman.

“We thought more women would be buying them because of the erotic novel Fifty Shades of Grey, but this never happened. Hopefully the situation will get better over the coming months,” he added.

So ladies, basically there are thousands of vibrators out there looking for a good home. Eh…we think we’ll take a pass on this offer – buying Fifty Shades of Grey from a smirking bookshop assistant is all the excitement/embarrassment we can handle for now…

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