10 easy hairstyles to liven up straight hair 1 year ago

10 easy hairstyles to liven up straight hair

We've got you covered.

If, like me, you have naturally straight hair - things tend to get little boring now and again.


We don't always have time to whip out the curling iron before we leave the house and, without a bit of texture, it can get dull quickly.

Thankfully, we've put together ten super easy hairstyles for straight hair that don't involve excessive heat, products, or hours of work.

1. The wrapped pony

A classic, sleek look - perfect for when you're on a time crunch. Leaving a small section of hair out and wrapping it around the base tie of your ponytail afterwards instantly gives you a hairstyle that looks like it took ages but actually took seconds.


2. The single braid

For this boho-chic hairdo, simply plait a chunk from the top section of your hair down the middle of one side. It's super quick and easy and it's giving us Daenerys from Game of Thrones vibes.


3. The side part

You heard it here first, the side part is officially making a comeback. A deep side part can add a little volume to otherwise flat hair. Simply position a comb towards the end of your eyebrow, and run it back through the hair to create the part. Don't worry about it being perfect, side parts still look good when they're a bit messy - and if you want to go for a more casual look, using your fingers to separate the hair will do the job.


4. Flicked ends

Once you get the hang of this vintage-inspired look, it will take you mere seconds to perfect. Using a straightener is the easiest way to do it. Separating hair into 2cm sections, tilt the straightener away from your face once you reach your ends to create a flicked out look.


5. The '00s bun

Y2K beauty trends are all the rage right now thanks to TikTok.  This spiky top knot has been spotted on Gigi Hadid and Due Lipa. Embrace your '00s nostalgia by giving it a go. Find a 15-second tutorial here.

6. The loose pigtails

Elegant and pigtails don't usually go in same sentence but with this loose pigtail look - now they do. Start by adding some light waves with a curler (this is optional). Next, pull all of your hair in front of your shoulders and tie elastics around two-thirds of the way down on each side. Pull some hair out above the elastic to loosen up the pigtails even more.

7. The front braids

Another gorgeous boho look that screams festival vibes. Simply take two front sections, braid them down the sides and secure with small elastics. Easy!

8. The half up half down

An oh-so versatile hairdo - try it with a pony or a bun. Section off the top half of your hair by starting right above your ears. Then pull all of the hair up to the crown of your head. Make sure both sides are even before securing into a pony. Voila!

9. The bubble pony 

Okay, so this one might be a little more time-consuming than the others but it's still fairly easy. Pull your hair into a basic ponytail. Next, tie a few elastics down the length of the pony to create small round sections that look like bubbles.

10. The hairband

When all else fails, accessorise. Add a hairband, bow, or funky clips to your straight hair to change things up a bit and stand out.