The three-second concealer hack that will take years off your face 2 years ago

The three-second concealer hack that will take years off your face

Oh, concealer.

Pretty much my best friend in the whole world. (Sorry to my actual best friend, but eh, mornings and kids and dark circles and all that...)


Anyway, we all love concealer, it's every girl's miracle worker on those mornings when you didn't get enough sleep (that's every morning, obvs.) But aside from covering your under-eye baggage and those unexpected break-out emergencies, how are you getting the most out of your concealer and it's life-changing abilities?

I recently had lunch with a very fabulous makeup artist friend of mine, and he gave me a concealer tip I feel like very girl should know about (that's how good it is. And how sound I am for sharing it!)

Are you ready? Here is what you need to do with your concealer after you have tackled under-eyes and blemishes:

What you do: Swipe some concealer around your nostrils and mouth in little parentheses-like shapes. Blend and follow with the rest of your makeup.


Why: According to my makeup maestro mate, most of us have discoloration around our noses and mouths that can make us look blotchy and tired. But you might never even have noticed it. By dabbing concealer in these spots, you’re helping your overall complexion look brighter and more even.

Look, ladies, I know it may sound odd, but seriously; try it out for yourselves tomorrow morning and you'll see why I now swear by this nifty little trick!