Just gorgeous! 6 perfumes that literally smell like summer 3 years ago

Just gorgeous! 6 perfumes that literally smell like summer

Oh, we just love these!

You know the way certain smells just transport you to somewhere else?


For example, the smell of cheap hair dye reminds me of Irish college (as does Lynx Africa).

Well, there are certain smells that take me to summertime.

From the beach to the vineyards of Italy, these gorgeous perfumes will take you on a journey.

Sounds silly, I know, but trust me.

Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Italian Zest

A fresh summer salty breeze from the Mediterranean coast floats inland and meets bergamot and fine floral freesias, marigold and jasmine. An uplifting and joyous summer song by perfumer, Olivier Cresp.



CK one Summer

A burst of sparkling lime mojito and succulent guava releases a rush of dewy freshness, and mingles with accents of pineapple and coconut milk. This one makes me want to go on a road trip ASAP.

Shiseido Ever Bloom Sakura Art edition

A celebration of ‘Sakura’ or ‘Cherry Blossom’ and the arrival of spring. Every year in early April, Tokyoites gather under the shade of the cherry blossoms that are believed to bring good fortune. The fragrance is an edit of cherry blossom and orange blossom tied together with a soft woody musk. This fragrance is as delicate as a cherry blossom flower, and just as pretty.



Esteé Lauder Bronze Goddess

Get me to a beach immediately! An addictive, sun-drenched blend of bergamot, warm amber, tiare blossom and vanilla bathed in delicious creamy coconut. The perfect scent for sultry summer nights.



Atelier Cologne Iris Rebelle

A blend of orange flower, iris from Morocco and bergamot enriched with earthy gaiac wood, Iris Rebelle is a feminine floral redefined. A beautiful fresh scent that evokes a calm, strong and positive mood and transports you to an enchanting atmosphere.


Jo Malone London Orange Blossom Cologne


A shimmering garden oasis (yes, really). Clementine flower sparkles over a heart of orange blossom and water lily, with warm undertones of orris and balsamic vetiver. This scent is a pure delight.


There you are now. Enjoy the gorgeous weather.