Aimee Connolly just launched an incredible new makeup product, and we're in love 3 years ago

Aimee Connolly just launched an incredible new makeup product, and we're in love


Once you line the perfect pout, you’ll never look back... just ask multi award winning makeup artist Aimee Connolly!


Ever struggled knowing what shades to put together? Do you have a habit of losing your liner or lipstick and being left with half your lip products!?

Well... say hello to Aimee's new Lip Duos, that are here to solve any of liner and lipstick worries.

The unique component includes a twist up liner one side and a twist up lipstick the other.

How handy is that?


These divine babies come in six unreal shades, so there's something for everyone.

Pink Pair is a delightful duo of a rose-toned lip. Pink Pair hosts a rose-toned lip liner with a softer pink lipstick for the perfect pink pout.


Mauve Match is a creamy combination of the ultimate supermodel lip. Mauve Match is made of a mauve brown lip liner paired with a mauve pink lipstick for sexy, full-bodied lips.

Then there's Blush Blend, which boasts a soft pink lipstick with a slightly darker liner for the perfect neutral, nude lip.

Double Trouble is a universally flattering blue-toned red lip, it is the ideal red shade for a teeth whitening, pout perfecting statement lip.


Coffee Combo is the ultimate earthy brown lip. Coffee Combo pairs a cool-toned lip liner with a soft coffee shade lipstick for sultry neutral lips.

And last, but certainly not least, Tan Twin is a creamy combination for the perfect peach lip.


Tan Twin teases a warm brown lip liner with the perfect peach toned lipstick to match. This is the ideal nude lip without any wash-out.

Each of these lip duos will set you back just €19 each - which is bloody brilliant value.

However act fast, because like everything Aimee Connolly creates, these lads are selling out!