Beauty HACK: the simple way to get a dewy glow in this stunning weather 4 years ago

Beauty HACK: the simple way to get a dewy glow in this stunning weather

You can thank me later.

Listen lads, as much as we love going hell for leather with the makeup, it can actually be counter productive.


This is particularly relevant for weather like this (hello gorgeous btw), when the real goal is to avoid sweating, frizzy hair and general dehydration.

But we still wanna look cute, obvs.

Foundation is NOT really your friend in the warm weather, as all your skin wants is to breathe.

summer beauty hack


Anyhoo, I recently came home from a sun holiday, where I learned an excellent little hack for keeping the skin fresh and dewy.

I packed poorly (as usual), and kind of had a mini panic attack when I rummaged through my makeup bag before my first night out.

I had spent the whole day baking on the beach, and just wanted a light layer of makeup for the evening ahead - but all I had with me was a pretty hardcore foundation.

Not ideal, tbh.


So, in what I am calling a FLASH of genius, I basically used a little drop of the foundation, and mixed it with my moisturiser. Simple, and it bloody worked!

Yeah yeah I know, seems pretty obvious, but I just had never really thought of it before.

My original plan was to leg it to the nearest shop and drop at least 20 quid on a tinted moisturiser or BB cream.


So, not only did this beauty hack save my skin, it also saved me the cost of a bottle of wine - win, win.

Now, before you ask, there is absolutely no exact science to this - just squeeze a drop of your foundation into your fave moisturiser and lash it on.

You'll be left with a delightful dewy makeup look, where you can still see those gorgeous freckles and that casual tan.

However, it will give you the coverage you need and want for night ahead.

I personally used this Vichy moisturiser, with a little drop of MAC Studio Fix Fluid - a delightful combo.


Not rocket science - but it works.