BIG news beauty fans! Glossier has confirmed it's delivering to Ireland 2 years ago

BIG news beauty fans! Glossier has confirmed it's delivering to Ireland

Glossier is officially delivering to Ireland.

The beloved brand has become a firm favourite among beauty fans for their “skin first, makeup second” philosophy.

Their fuss-free approach to beauty (and their millennial pink packaging ) has led to a huge cult following across the globe.

The brand has largely only been available in the US and parts of Canada since it launched in 2014, and fans were kinda able to get their hands on it by services such as An Post’s Addresspal and Parcelmotel.

However, the brand has confirmed that from May 15, it will deliver directly to Ireland.

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And now that we can finally get our hands on the brand over here, one product we're definitely going to buy is the brand's new Solution Exfoliating Skin Perfector.

It's a chemical exfoliator and promises to clear breakouts, reduce the appearance of pores and minimise redness. YES.

Unlike most exfoliators, which only scrub the top layer of skin and can sometimes cause irritation, Glossier's new product uses chemicals to break down the bonds between dead skin cells.

There is lactic acid in the ingredients to break down spots and reduce dark circles. Then there's also a chemical called glycolic acid which improves texture and tone, and finally, salicylic acid unclogs pores and minimises future breakouts.

It's currently €19, and you can check it out here.