Brides are going crazy for this wedding dress add on 4 years ago

Brides are going crazy for this wedding dress add on

No doubt weddings are the happiest day of any brides life.

But, by the sounds of it, going to the loo can be a bit of a nightmare.


That might explain why brides to be are going crazy for this wedding dress addition.

Aptly named the Bridal Buddy, the under dress skirt acts as a bag to gather the layers of dress, supposedly allowing the bride to pee in privacy.


Designer Heather worked at a Bridal shop as her career progressed from bagging dresses to being a consultant, she quickly realized a common concern for blushing brides. “How do I go to the bathroom in this thing?” was the most frequently asked question by customers.

Heather went to work thinking of solutions. She was baffled as to why no one had invented a means to allow a bride to go to the loo in privacy without running the risk of ruining her dress.


Heather launched the product a little over a year a goa and the response has been incredible.


Check it out in the video below.