You can now get a baguette clutch for €795 1 year ago

You can now get a baguette clutch for €795

God I love bread.

Fashion trends can be intimidating. Year in, year out, stunning fashion trends flood my feed and I'm always slightly disappointed as I know deep down I'll never be able to pull them off.


Whatever about fashion, there's one thing I'm 100% confident in and that is my love of bread. I know it, I appreciate it, I eat it.

As you can imagine, I was absolutely thrilled when I saw the latest clutch bag from Moschino comes in the form of a freshly baked french baguette. We kid you not.

Lads, this isn't something that's "inspired" by an object or has a slight resemblance, this is an exact replica of a french baguette that has been turned into a clutch and it looks absolutely delicious.


The baguette bag is leather with a three-dimensional baguette design imposed onto it, it has a gold plated Moschino logo on it, a brown lined interior and a magnetic seal, all this can be yours for the bargain bucket price of just €795.

On designer website Farfetch the description reads: "Stroll down the Seine (or the supermarket) with this Baguette clutch while you pick out the best wine choice for dinner."

Now, some people would say it's a waste of time but I was curious to find out how many actual baguettes you could buy for €795 so, I did some calculations.

In France, you can get a baguette in most supermarkets for around 45c (90c if you go to a bakery) so IF YOU WANTED TO you could buy 1766 actual baguettes instead of this one bag. There's no denying the actual baguettes would certainly taste better, but they wouldn't look this sexy:


Moschino are known for their offbeat and quirky designs so this latest offering comes as no surprise really. The Italian luxury fashion house have had bags in the past modelled on cakes, lighters, pizzas, you name it!

The baguette bag is sure to divide opinion and spark debate speaking personally, I wouldn't be able to have something in my wardrobe that I constantly want to lather butter on... but that's just me.