Skincare expert says that water does NOT benefit your skin, and we're BAFFLED 11 months ago

Skincare expert says that water does NOT benefit your skin, and we're BAFFLED

Wait... what?

Have you ever been doing something for years, only to learn that there's literally no point?

Well if that has never happened to you... it's about to.

On Girls With Goals  a few months back, our Beauty Editor, Rebecca O'Keeffe, sat down and chatted to Caroline Hirons.

Caroline is a blogger and skincare guru, having started her career as a facialist.

The pair chatted all things beauty, from emerging trends to knock off products.

Towards the end of the episode, there was a Q&A, and the results were pretty mind blowing.

Rebecca asked Caroline the question, that had been submitted by a listener:

"My skin is all over the place since Christmas. How can I clear it up?"

Caroline's advice was to avoid white food, because "Jesus didn't make any white food, except the potato."

She recommended laying off bread, pasta, sugar and all that kind of stuff.

However, when Rebecca asked how much water is good for the skin, she got the fright of her life.


"The reality is how much water you ingest has no effect on your skin. And I know that goes against everything. People say 'oh you should be drinking 8 glasses of water a day.'"

Mind blowing, right?

Caroline went on to explain that she does drink a lot of water, but to prevent headaches... NOT to help her skin.

"I don’t get migraines. I once had a tip from a really good consultant at a hospital. Make sure you’re hydrated. And I took it too far. Now I drink water like a fish."

There you have it folks.

As for Caroline's real skincare tips? Well, you can listen here and find out!