Celeb surgeon Dr Esho shares graphic video of how lip fillers can go wrong 1 year ago

Celeb surgeon Dr Esho shares graphic video of how lip fillers can go wrong

*Warning some readers might find this content distressing* 


Nowadays, people get lip fillers just like they get their hair or nails done, without the bat of an eyelid. It's become so commonplace and something which we're almost desensitised to because they're everywhere.

But the problem is, people need to remember that you must exercise caution when getting a cosmetic procedure and do your research. Opting for a "cheaper" alternative or not reading the reviews on your chosen clinic can often lead to serious consequences like a botched job.

And botched jobs are unfortunately happening every single day. Doctor and TV personality, Dr Tijion Esho shared a video this week of one client who came to him after her lip injections got infected.

During an interview with FEMAIL, Dr Echo revealed that most of his emergency patients arrive to him having first recieved fillers administered by unqualified or unregistered practitioners who offer lower prices. Speaking to the publication he said:

"Risks include bleeding, bruisnig, infection and allergy.

"In some rare but most concerning cases, this can lead to tissue necrosis where the blood vessel is blocked by preventing blood to that area of tissue which can then die, leading to disfigurement."

If you are getting lip fillers, remember to take precautionary steps, do your reasearch, make sure your doctor is qualifed and licensed and READ the reviews.