Cold water cleansing is the eco-friendly beauty trend set to take over 3 weeks ago

Cold water cleansing is the eco-friendly beauty trend set to take over

The way forward.

Cold water cleansing is nothing new, it's a term we've all heard cropping up here and there, and as it's set to be the trend ready to take over, we have all you need to know.


Cold water cleansing is an eco-friendly skincare hack that is not only amazing for the environment but has countless benefits for our skin and is super easy to add into our routine.

One change we can all make to be more aware of our carbon footprint is switching to cold water when we're cleansing our skin. Whatever you use whether it's a foam, an oil, a lotion or a balm, when washing it off your face, cold water is the way to go.

While it's so important to know the ingredients that go into our products and the benefit they have on our skin, the temperature of the water is just as important.

Cold water trumps warm or hot water when it comes to our skin, especially if you have dry or acne-prone skin. When we use hot water to wash our faces, it strips off any natural oil which will make your skin only drier and can lead to breakouts.


Not only this, but hot water also can cause blood vessels to dilate more which gives your skin a redder look.

And we know what you're thinking, cold water is such a shock to the system, especially doing this in the early morning or late a night, but trust us, it does wonders for your blood flow.

According to Healthline, it stems from cold exposure sending blood flow to the exposed area which then gives the skin better protection from pollution.


It will give the skin a healthier glow while also reducing your carbon emissions and saving money.

Skincare brands are starting to encourage their customers to use less water when washing their face by turning off the tap in between rinsing, the same way we do when brushing our teeth.