Ditch the dry shampoo: 3 easy hairstyles that hide greasy roots 3 years ago

Ditch the dry shampoo: 3 easy hairstyles that hide greasy roots

Because there are days when you just can't face washing your hair.

We have all been here. And if your dry shampoo addiction is getting a little out of hand (like ours), try adding these three easy hairstyles to your rota.


And voila – now you can enjoy those extra 20 minutes in bed instead. Sure you can always wash your hair tomorrow.

1. The half-up bun is your BFF

The half up bun (also popularly known as the 'hun'), was literally made for can't-be-bothered-to-wash-your-hair days.

All you need to do is add some dry shampoo first for volume, then section off the top section and pull it back into a messy topknot. Secure with a few pins, then gently tug at strands to loosen the style and give an 'undone' finish.


2. Use your silk scarf for all it's worth

Invest in a pretty patterned headband or get creative with a silk scarf – it'll hide that dirty hair while still looking all sorts of Blair Waldorf-y cute.


3. Buy a claw clip

Or, you know, dig around in your drawer, because you're bound to have one there somewhere. Anyway, this old-school hair clip is great for greasy hair days.

Just prep your hair with a little salt water spray (for texture) or dry shampoo for volume, and twist back up into a sort of a messy bun. Secure with the clip, then pull some strands of hair loose for a more messy effect.