The first hair trend of 2017 has arrived and it's a showstopper 2 years ago

The first hair trend of 2017 has arrived and it's a showstopper

The first of many.

There's no doubt that 2016 was the year of the hair trend (with a new one practically every week), and that looks set to continue for 2017.

We might only be thirteen days into the new year but already, ice platinum is THE look to be seen with.

Instagram is always a good way to gauge what's hot, what's not and what's hot before it's even hot, so the fact that this trend has cropped up on the social media site is a good indicator of how popular it will prove.

Ice platinum is white WHITE blond so if this is a look you want to rock, you'll need to be dedicated.

There will be multiple visits to your stylist to keep it icy-blond so as you can tell, this particular trend is extremely high-maintenance.

You'll also need to use a purple shampoo to neutralise any brassiness while fitting in a weekly hair masque.

I know that sounds like major effort but in all seriousness, your hair will soon feel like straw if you dye it platinum and neglect the aftercare.

Despite the drawbacks, it's a stunning look as you can see for yourself from the below Instagram posts.

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⭐️ Bleached Blonde ⭐️ had so much fun correcting @jaanikaalandi colour for a previous bleach I did almost a year ago! Not an easy colour work, but nothing impossible using the best bleach with @redken5thave #flashlift • Here my process: Step 1 •zone 1 Flashlift 20vol, zone 2 Flashlift 30vol, rinse and add cat treatment for 5min and dry again. Step2 • Flashlift 10vol on zone 2 to light more the medium length and blend with the previous old bleach. Step3 • Wash with #extreme shampoo, and Glazee with #ShadesEQ 40gr 09V + 40gr Crystal.S for 20min. Finish your colour service with #ChemistryShot. Hair feels so amazing and healthy!! ? #bleachedhair #bleach #withehair #blondehair #iceplatinum #platinumhair #Redken #redkencolor #redkencolorist #hairblogger

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