One bottle of this beauty product is sold every second in France 4 years ago

One bottle of this beauty product is sold every second in France

When it comes to taking care of their skin, few will beat the French.

In fact, French women spend an astonishing £1.9 billion on anti-ageing products every year, which apparently is twice as much as British women.

And if you have ever set foot in a French pharmacy, you will know in an instant that this is true – they have a selection of products and brands we can literally only dream about – and looking at French women – they are getting something right, for sure.

And apparently, there is one particular product that is so mega, crazy popular that a bottle is sold every single second in France.

I know what you are thinking; it is probably some insanely expensive skin caviar or serum containing some ingredients you can't even pronounce.

But no.

The product no respectable French woman would be caught without is the humble Avène Eau Thermale.

Yes. The €3.99 facial spritz that you have probably walked past at least 500 times in your local Boots.

Now, what can it be that makes French women love this product so much, you might wonder. Well, for starters, studies have shown that the zinc in this mineral-rich water spray helps to produce antioxidants that combat damaging free radicals.

As well as this, the mineral content will soothe any irritations and calm redness, as well as refresh your skin when it needs a pick-me-up, a cool-down after a workout, or you could even use it as a toner after you have used your cleanser.