THIS genius product is what every girl's makeup bag needs in the sun 1 year ago

THIS genius product is what every girl's makeup bag needs in the sun

Having written about beauty for years, and in the line of duty interviewed countless skin experts, beauticians and dermatologists, I am religious about protecting my skin from the sun. 

As in; I always make sure my day cream or serum or foundation has a high SPF in them (even in winter) – those pesky rays get through clouds, you know.

However, up until now, I have always found sun-holidays to be a bit of a nightmare when it comes to how best to protect my face from the sun. You see, much as my main priority is always to make sure I am wearing a suncream with a high SPF, I also do like do have a little bit of makeup on – even just a dab of foundation to even my skin out a bit.

But, as we all no doubt know, this can quickly get messy, with any makeup you have carefully applied on top of your sun cream quickly starting to slide off the minute you set foot outside the air-conditioned confines of your hotel room. We have all been there, I am sure.

But I have found the solution, ladies. The one product you should not get on a plane without ensuring you have packed safely in your bag.

Say hello to Bioderma's newest invention, the Photoderm Max 50+ Aquafluide Teinte. In other words; a sun cream for your face (with an SPF of 50) that not only dries to touch-proof within seconds, but that also comes complete with a hint of colour. Meaning, of course, that not only are you getting the protection your skin needs (no premature ageing here!), but you also don't have to face the pool (or beach) with completely 'naked' skin.

This product is so clever – and one I genuinely had not even realised my life was missing until I found it.  The lovely barely-there shade gives your face that 'just enough' hint of colour for evening out your skin tone and hiding any redness or imperfections, while also feeling like your skin can breathe and that you don't have makeup caked on. Oh, and did I mention it is also water resistant – in other words; pool proof?

All the while also knowing that you are fully protected from harmful and skin-damaging rays. I think that's what you call a win-win.

The Bioderma Photoderm Max 50+ Aquafluide Teinte is available to buy from well-stocked pharmacies nationwide.