#GlitterPits Are The Latest Feminist Beauty Trend Taking Over Instagram 4 years ago

#GlitterPits Are The Latest Feminist Beauty Trend Taking Over Instagram

Men might have recently started putting glitter in their beards, but apparently women have been their first... 

Instead they opt to decorate their armpit hair.

#GlitterPits is making the online world sparkle – with feminists using the colourful creations to take a stand against shaming women for their body hair.

This week the latest trend to glitterize your beard was made Insta-famous. The Gay Beards even did a pretty handy tutorial in how to nail the look.

But maybe they were actually inspired by some awesome women, who are busily painting glitter on their arm-pits.

The colourful update means that every time a woman is told to shave her underarm hair, she can now wave a sparkle of defiance in the judgemental opinion-maker’s face.

The feminist Instagram trend started to give women who decided to grow out their underarm hair the chance to embellish on their take on natural beauty with a hint of glitter dust.

Following on from the #FreeYourPits movement that took over the photo-sharing site earlier this year, users uploaded snaps after they tossed the razors aside and sprinkled some sparkle on their pits.

The shiny salute to women making their own choice is enough to have us consider purchasing our own pots of gold…