I switched from an antiperspirant to an Irish-made natural deodorant stick - and I may not go back 11 months ago

I switched from an antiperspirant to an Irish-made natural deodorant stick - and I may not go back

Friendship ended with aerosols, now stick deodorants are my best friend.

Meath-based brand, the Handmade Soap Company have launched their first fully compostable and all-natural stick deodorant. Part of the new ANAM range, the deodorant has a scent of coriander seed, geranium, and vetiver, is made from natural ingredients from the earth, and is super smooth and gentle on the skin.


But what's it like to use, and does it actually work?

The product has been in the making for three years and has finally landed on shelves - and let me tell you, it's worth a go if you're looking to move away from traditional antiperspirants, or just want something a little more sustainable in your beauty routine.

Brand founder Donagh Quigley says: “The Soul of The Handmade Soap Company has always been rooted in natural ingredients, sustainable packaging and kindness. With this latest addition to the ANAM collection we have made our most sustainable step forward yet by offering a completely natural and compostable alternative to commonplace deodorants."


Natural stick deodorants are nothing new - they've been on the market for years, and provide a handy alternative to those who want to move away from antiperspirants and sticky roll-ons - but what makes this one different?

The first thing is its highly sustainable packaging, making the product the world's first completely compostable deodorant (though it can be a bit fiddly to pop up the stick at times). The second is that it actually works - really well.

As a self-confessed intense sweater, I could go for a deodorant spritz upwards of five or six times a day. Too much is never enough as I'd consistently find myself sweating again an hour later, no respite from the mild temperatures outside.

This deodorant doesn't stop my sweating entirely, but it does noticeably more than the products I'm used to. It reduces the bacteria that causes the actual smell of sweat (check), while reducing moisture and giving the underarm a smoother feel (also check). I also don't need to re-apply it every few hours; one go in the morning and I'm generally good for the day.


I had used natural, sustainable deodorants before, ones that comes in small pots that you scoop with you fingers and smear across your underarms. They worked brilliantly, but they couldn't be used with as much as ease as a stick deodorant can be.

This product is made using active natural ingredients like sage leaf extract and Zinc salt, and actively does not block sweat pores like antiperspirants do. Different to most deodorants on the market, this one is all-natural, and doesn't encourage more chemicals to enter the body or bloodstream.

Quigley goes on: "We wouldn’t swallow a handful of toxic ingredients, and yet what we do with deodorants every day is arguably worse, as it enters our bloodstream without being metabolised.”


The ANAM deodorant stick costs €17.95, which is pricey enough next to your standard deodorants on the market - though if you're willing to pay the price, you'll be pleasantly surprised.

*The writer was gifted this product.