How to recreate Carrie Bradshaw's iconic 90s makeup looks 8 months ago

How to recreate Carrie Bradshaw's iconic 90s makeup looks

Carrie Bradshaw is a renowned character for her iconic outfits but her classic makeup looks cannot be forgotten.

And Just Like That, the Sex and the City reboot, is coming to our screens next week and we simply cannot wait for the looks.


Sarah Jessica Parker's wardrobe while playing Carrie has left a cultural impact none of us can deny, but the makeup that accompanied it was equally awe-inspiring.

Unfortunately, we can't all pull off some of the chic and downright outrageous clothing choices Carrie did, but we can all take some inspo from her makeup routine, so here's how.

The Brown Lip 

From day to day Carrie keeps her lips soft usually just with a soft pink undertone and a classic 90s clear gloss. However, we cannot forget this bold lip from the queen of fashion statements herself.


It's giving us 90s grunge nostalgia and major lip envy so how can we achieve it?

First off, underlining your lip with a dark brown liner such as this NYX one will create dimension when mixing with a lighter brown lipstick on top. 

To get the full impact of the bold lip keep the rest of your makeup simple with muted tones on the eyes. 


The Smokey Liner 

Judy Chin, Sarah Jessica Parker's makeup artist, has in the past spoke about how lining the eyes on the inside always works for Carrie. 

We've seen her match this liner effortlessly with a soft smokey eye many times and include pops of colour in these looks. 


Something like this might not be a day look for most of us but it is for sure something we could rock on a festive night out. 

To get this cool blue smokey look, start with the classic black liner on your waterline, then proceed with your normal smokey eye routine but swap out the black colour on your inner lid for a blue tone. 

The most important thing here is blending and making sure you spend the time to get the colours to bleed into each other. 

This Yves Saint Laurent shadow is the perfect blue colour to blend in with your smokey eye as it's not too bright. 

The Soft Blush 


Carrie's beautiful glowy skin is what we're all chasing. Her use of blush always adds to this and gives her face that gorgeous brightness. 

During the 2010s of contouring routines, the art of blush is something that may have been forgotten, but it's sure to be making a big comeback - just like Sex and the City! 

This is an easy one to add to your makeup routine and you can make the blush as intense or subtle as you like.

A cream blush is great for blending the intensity so we would recommend something like the Sosu cream blush stick.