If you have short hair, avoid this hair colour (according to an expert) 2 years ago

If you have short hair, avoid this hair colour (according to an expert)

Worth noting.

If you have short hair and are planning a colour change, this expert's advice is likely to be of interest.

Anthony Nader is a hairstylist with 22 years experience who currently works in both Australia and New York, regularly travelling between the two.

You can imagine the wealth of knowledge he has on all things hair-related and so his top tips are of great interest.

In conversation with Byrdie recently, he explained his advice for looking after shorter hair.

Darker tones can prove tricky for short hair as it can be difficult to manage between visits to the hairdresser.

He also maintains that:

"Dark colour on the hairline and scalp is a dead giveaway that you've had a dodgy colour job".

Anthony explained that people with shorter hair often want to go lighter which is great if their locks are in good condition.

He says that the lighter your locks, the more impact this will have on your complexion and bone structure.

His recommendation for lighter hair is to lighten certain parts, particularly the mid-lengths and ends.

Anthony says:

"This is fun as it gives your short hair more dimension and texture, whereas without, your hair length might look solid and round. Even if the texture is there, a solid colour can hide it from everyone, even you".