Instagram's latest hair trend reminds us of our primary school yearbook photos 4 years ago

Instagram's latest hair trend reminds us of our primary school yearbook photos

Is it 1997 or am I dreaming?

Actually neither, just another trend that is back with a bang and taking social media by storm.


Remember those crocodile clips that spring open and then you bend close to keep hair out of your eyes as a kid? The ones you can buy at any local pharmacy for less than a fiver? Well, they are now an "it" fashion accessory so go stock up!

Yep, from Victoria's Secret model Karlie Kloss to Selena Gomez and some of the world's biggest fashion bloggers, it looks like the hair clip is in, everyone these days is clipping back their bangs and opting for a more slick and sophisticated 'do with the help of our fave pre-teen accessory.

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Now, this is one of those trends I could bash and then you'll see me wearing down Grafton Street in a week once I actually begin to like it, SO, I am not going to do that and be a hypocrite, but right now I'm feeling very "eh" about the return of the clip.

Even though, fashion blogger Negin Mirsalehi upped the ante and gave the clip a CHIC night time revamp which, I do adore..


While other bloggers too played around with the trend, adding extra clips and jazzing it up...

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And since a set of clips is literally only €1.49  and available from Boots here, if you think you're digging the trend, then go for it. Knowing me, I will see some Her readers rocking it on the 'gram and all of a sudden, I'll be doing it too. Classic.

You can purchase the clips online here.