Kanye, Kim and Katy have been bitten by the same trend 5 years ago

Kanye, Kim and Katy have been bitten by the same trend

When it comes to beauty trends in Hollywood, the overwhelming mantra seems to be the weirder the better.

Celebrities have been known to inject, tuck and fill pretty much anything and everything in the constant quest for perfection.


No pain, no gain is a mantra in the glitzy world of the elite, but we weren’t expecting this to apply to their massages too; a calming ritual usually reserved for de-stressing.

Well, masseuse to the stars, Dorothy Stein has revealed her special treatment that is most popular with celebrity clients, including Kim Kardashian, Kanye West and Katy Perry.

And it’s biting. Yup, she bites them.


(Did anyone else immediately think of Phoebe from Friends?)

Apparently biting is excellent for increasing blood flow around the body, similar to cupping, and Stein’s clients just can’t get enough of her top notch nibbling.  She’ll also throw in a bit of hair pulling, if you’re up for it too. Sound.

Stein, 48, started her career at the tender age of 17, providing free massages to a whole host of stars including Jack Nicholson, Cher and The Rolling Stones.


She told The New York Post how she developed her strange signature technique when she was a child

“My mother was always asking me to massage her and my hands were too little to be effective, so I started using my mouth. The jaw actually has some of the strongest muscles in the body, so I can get my teeth in and really release the knots”

Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler is one of her regulars, she said

“Steven Tyler says, ‘Bite me, spit on me, pull my hair!”

She doesn’t only cater to men, of course, and recalls a time when she was massaging, former Hole singer Courtney Love, who used to smoke and gossip with her while she worked


“[Love] asked me who in Hollywood I’d like to sleep with, and when I told her Johnny Depp, she said ‘I had a threesome with him and Kate Moss in the South of France years ago. Don’t waste your time.”

An hour with Stein could set you back between $150 (€140) to $400 (€364), but we’re not completely sold on the idea here in the Her towers.