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I’ve found a new favourite TV show.

100% Hotter is Channel 5’s make under show where they take people who need extra direction when it comes to personal styling. Usually, they take people with extreme looks and coach them on how to utilise the best part of their personal style for everyday wear.

An expert team of three stylists experiment with new looks and help people understand more about themselves and what makes them tick, with a bit of fun and banter along the way.

It’s great.

Last night, they had a special Celebrity version featuring Big Brothers Chloe Khan and How Clean is Your House star Kim Woodburn. While both makeovers were incredibly impressive, it was Kim that stole the show with her complete transformation.

Known for her tight hairstyle and prim outfits, the I’m a Celebrity contestant was shows for the first time ever with loose brunette locks and more casual attire.

Kim was astounded by her appearance.

“Oh my goodness me, it’s such a change! And my hair, my good god! Honestly, I have never thought of myself with dark brown hair,” she exclaimed.


“And I don’t look like mutton dressed as lamb!”

Chloe Khan was less impressed with her transformation. While she praised the efforts of team she said as a whole she wanted to cut her head off.

We're growing old gracefully on #GirlsWithGoals this week!  

Listen to the brand new episode NOW in the link below. 

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