Kylie Jenner's new eyeshadow palette is her best one yet 3 years ago

Kylie Jenner's new eyeshadow palette is her best one yet

OMG gorgeous!

So, I'm actually a strong believer in Kylie Cosmetics.


Genuinely now, I've given her products a go, and they're actually class.

Plus, the packaging is adorable, and I'm a sucker for that stuff.

Last night, the makeup mogul announced her latest product, in the form of a stunning eyeshadow palette.

Usually with palettes, I like two or three of the shades, and the rest go unused.

eyeshadow palette

However, with this new one, I genuinely love EVERY SINGLE COLOUR.

Sorry, but that just doesn't happen.


Taking to Instagram stories, Kylie revealed the "Sorta Sweet" palette, which has nine gorgeous shades.

All are described as "earthy" and we're here for it!

First to be swatched was Buttermilk, a matte pale yellow.

Then there was Glazed (shimmery copper), Rose (matte peach) and Berry Bite (matte berry).


Then came my favourite shade - Sweet, which Kylie describes as an olive gold colour.

The final four shades are Cookie Dough (matte taupe), Raspberry Sugar (shimmery pink), Cocoa (dark brown) and Spice Plum (matte plum).

This gorgeous new eyeshadow palette will launch on Kylie's site next week (28th, to be exact!)

But wait, there's more...


While showing us all her new palette, Kylie also revealed the "Sorta Sweet Lip Trio".

This is a set of two lovely pink matte liquid lipsticks, and one very sparkly lip gloss.

See you all on Kylie's website next week.