The latest eyeliner trend is here and we're not too sure what to think 4 years ago

The latest eyeliner trend is here and we're not too sure what to think

Because regular eyeliner is just not enough.

Getting the perfect eyeliner trick can be tricky enough, with many of us spending hours in front of the mirror trying to get it juuuust right.


But there's a new eyeliner trend starting to sweep across social media that will change up everything - and you'll need an even steadier hand to do it.

We previously told you all about braided brows and selfie nail art - but we've got admit - we're not too sold on the idea of backwards winged eyeliner.

The unusual style sees the thick end of the flick curve upwards, going towards the bridge of the nose rather than the ears.

The trend first started with Romanian make-up artists Dahlia, who goes by the Instagram handle @dahliacreates.

She's shared a number of photos of the reverse designs, and a number of other makeup artists attempting the same look.



Dahlia later shared a photo of  a double-winged look, for a truly unique take on it - but there's no word on it yet if this is going to take off.


But with the speed some of the beauty trends have been arriving, we wouldn't be surprised to see people decked out in double-winged eyeliner.

We're not too sure if we could pull it off, though....