8 gorgeous little tattoos for people who absolutely love to travel 4 years ago

8 gorgeous little tattoos for people who absolutely love to travel


I constantly ave tattoos on the brain - the ones I have, and the ones I plan to have.


Recently I've been thinking about getting a little tat to symbolise my love of travel.

I know.... BASIC. But I don't care.

I like going on holiday and I like tattoos - SUE ME!

So with that, I launched into a Pinterest investigation to find some really cute little tattoos.


Check these out, and if you have a travel tattoo - giz a gawk!

1: A tiny map of the World.

Okay, HELLO! This is absolutely glorious.



2: An itsy bitsy plane. 

This little guy is just darling. The beauty of a tiny plane is you could really get it anywhere on your body (if you wanted to hide it!)

little tattoos

3: Somewhere special.


Have you visited somewhere truly amazing? Why not get the coordinated of that special place, so that you always have a part of it with you?

little tattoos

4: Symbolism.

This little triangle is a symbol meaning "explore" and I love it!

little tattoos


5: City of lights.

Did a particular city steal your heart? Get the skyline tatted on you honey.

6: A little compass.

I adore this compass idea. You'll always know which direction you're headed.

little tattoos

7: The Globe.

I love this cute little trio of tattoos! A plan, the world and a heart... makes sense.

8: Beach lovers.

Winner winner. I am a serious beach lover, so I think this little wave might be the one.

Which of these little tattoos is your favourite?