Luminous! This skin expert's 5 essential tips for beautiful skin 4 years ago

Luminous! This skin expert's 5 essential tips for beautiful skin

Looking after your skin can be a full time job.

Even when you try your best, spots still sprout, dry skin arises and dark circles cast a shadow on your day.


So, if you feel like you need a little skin pick-me-up, The Skin Nerd, Jennifer Rock, has spilled the beans on her top 5 skincare secrets.

Listen up ladies, you won't regret it.



If you have a big event coming up, then make sure you take time to prep your skin.

Jennifer says that many women wait until six weeks before an event and that may not be enough time to tackle any true skin concerns. She suggests seeking out a consultant as soon as or visit www.theskinnerd. for convenient online consultations.


Even if you are busy, be sure to up the multi vitamin intake and horse vitamin C into you.


The Skin Nerd believes that you need 1000mg daily to warn off colds while also strengthening capillary walls. Bear in mind that red is the first colour to be seen on camera! Jennifer says, "I'd also recommend taking lysine to prevent cold sores!"

Moisture boost

Hyaluronic is ideal to pump moisture into the skin, says Jennifer. It can be added to any serum, booster or moisturiser to soften fine lines and wrinkles.

Putting a touch into body cream is also recommended for smooth hydrated skin. This can assist in getting that flawless false tan application too.



The Skin Nerd suggests to take Omegas, ie. essential fatty acids in the form of supplements or oily fish.

These will have the body ready for a big event and will also help keep skin soft with less inflammation and stress breakouts.


Treatments such as the Environ Hydra Boost is ideal to give you a glow. IPL and Neostrata Peel is great for three months prior to a big event, while needling is good about six months before a big event.


Jennifer notes, "Do not try anything new the month of [a big event] unless advised by a facialist."