This matcha lip balm will give your pout the perfect pick-me-up 4 years ago

This matcha lip balm will give your pout the perfect pick-me-up


Winky Lux are known for everything from their swoon-worthy flower-filled lip balms and their colour-changing lipsticks.


The makeup brand have been branching out in 2018, releasing a number of new ranges (and general products)

First up with their first dip into the skincare range, with the release of their coffee-infused "moisture power house" Dream Gelee.

And next up was the coffee collection, which we fell head over heels for.

Not only is each product in the range is named after a warm drink, but they also smell like coffee - so you'll get that morning pick-me-up from the moment you start on your makeup.


They've now unveiled the latest addition to their makeup range: The Matcha Lip Balm.

Made with real green tea powder and food-grade vanilla, the latest creation from Winky Lux sounds like a dream come true.


And, despite its green colouring, the balm goes on clear - so you don't have to worry about any smudges.

The nourishing lip balm promises to soften, repair and protect your pout - which, given the more...unpredictable weather we've been experiencing lately, sounds like a dream come true.

The matcha balm also features coconut and avocado oils for the ultimate hydration - with some Vitamin C and Caffeine for a boost of rejuvenation.

The Match Lip Balm is available on the Winky Lux website for €11.39.