This €30 foundation is a gamechanger if you suffer from acne 2 years ago

This €30 foundation is a gamechanger if you suffer from acne


If you've ever experienced problem skin, you'll know that it can be very distressing.


Using the wrong foundation often makes the situation worse but going without isn't an option either, especially if you're conscious of any pesky blemishes or painful cystic acne.

However, this product is designed especially for troublesome skin and will even treat active spots, just magic altogether.

BareMinerals Blemish Rescue Skin-Clearing Loose Powder Foundation is the product in question and it's full of skin-clearing ingredients.

This rather exciting foundation is formulated with 0.5 per cent salicylic acid to help clear breakouts with a Blemish Busting Mineral Complex for extra spot-prevention.

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I had trouble with my skin over the years and for me, salicylic acid is a gamechanger when it comes to banishing spots.


Even though my skin isn't quite so difficult these days, I still prefer to prevent rather than cure and after seeing that this contains my personal wonder ingredient, I'm sold.

It promises a matte finish, full coverage, treating and preventing blemishes, covering and masking any pre-existing spots, hydrating and calming skin... pretty impressive.

In case you're like me and think mineral foundation won't allow for full coverage, it's as good as liquid if not better when it comes to a lasting finish.

I tried it last year and was immediately converted by the fact that it lasts significantly longer, important when your skin gets very shiny, very quickly.

Oh and wait for this, there's a special brush with charcoal-infused brushes, to keep your brush cleaner for longer.


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Even if your skin is behaving itself, the brush is intriguing as it promises to "repel bacteria and protect against contamination" which sounds promising to us.

The Seamless Buffing Brush with Antibacterial Charcoal is €28 and the Blemish RescueTM Skin-Clearing Loose Powder Foundation is €30 with both products available to buy at Brown Thomas now.