People are loving this blackhead hack because it works instantly 3 years ago

People are loving this blackhead hack because it works instantly

Blackheads are just the definition of eeeeeeeeeeugh.

Even if you manage to eliminate them for a while, they come back with a vengeance and if you're blessed with open pores too, it's all fun and games.


However, after coming across this fabulous hack, banishing blackheads for more than a couple of days at a time might actually be possible.

Reddit user Yoofka has shared side by side comparison photos of her blackheads, before and after and as you'll see below, the final result is very impressive.

When asked what led to her clear skin, she said that "it was the combo of using NEOGEN exfoliating pads, Differin (for texture) and then the Aquafor!".

You can see her cleansing routine in full within her post but as mentioned above, it's the exfoliation followed by the acne gel and the healing ointment that has made such a difference.


The Neogen Pads, Yoofka used the Green Tea option, are single-use but if you want to make them last, you can cut them in half and use a half each time.

It's important to note that this particular option has received stellar reviews for its exfoliating properties.

Differin is a common topical retinoid acne treatment and Aquaphor is a healing ointment, which is often used to soothe skin and help with cell regeneration.


Everyone's skin is different so we will reserve judgement until after we've tried this hack but suffice to say, the photo evidence is seriously impressive.

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