People are tattooing their faces to look like Meghan Markle and yeah, OK 3 years ago

People are tattooing their faces to look like Meghan Markle and yeah, OK

Alright, so.

It's probably fair to go ahead and say that Meghan Markle has triggered a lot of beauty trends since she became everyone's favourite member of the royal family.


Everyone's digging the low pony, winter maxis are back, and not brushing your hair before a royal engagement is totally acceptable.

There's also been a sharp incline in sales of Suits seasons two DVDs in Golden Discs, probably.

Anyway, the latest trend that Meghan seems to have inadvertently started is face tattoos.

Let us explain.

Meghan Markle has a load of freckles on her face - they're pretty cute and she doesn't wear a lot of makeup so you can see them fairly well.



In order to recreate this look and make themselves even more pretty cute, some people have decided to get their faces tattooed with freckles.

Yeah, they have.


Cosmetic tattoo artist Gabrielle Rainbow told New Beauty that she's been "crazy busy" over the past month thanks to the royal wedding and Meghan's increased public exposure.

She said that the procedure - which is supposed to feel something akin to a bee sting - has gotten far more popular as of late because of the UK's newest Duchess.

Makes sense, yeah.


Unlike most tattoos though, these freckles aren't likely to last forever.

Due to their positioning on the skin and the lightness of the pigment used, they tend to only last for about three years.

... Which is probably a good thing for those who decided to get these tattoos because of Meghan, in fairness.