My Perfectil 90 Day Challenge: Two months down and I'm delighted with my progress 4 years ago

My Perfectil 90 Day Challenge: Two months down and I'm delighted with my progress

Brought to you by Perfectil

It's now the height of summer - a time that I traditionally tend to drop the ball with my beauty routine.


I'm not the most dedicated in looking after my skin, hair and nails at the best of times but routine goes out the window during the warmest and busiest time of year.

Going out a lot, eating on the go, getting a little lazy with skincare, oils from sweat and suncream, getting dehydrated, swimming in salt water - these can be disastrous for your skin and hair.

Happily, I'm eight weeks into my Perfectil 90 Day Challenge and so this year is a little different.

As I mentioned in my last update, the biggest difference I've seen is in my skin.


Like I said before, I've never suffered badly but have always had a spot or two lurking somewhere and plenty of texture.

The sun often causes these to flare up but I've been feeling clearer and, dare I say it, more glowy since I've been taking my Perfectil.

I've also been getting longer out of my Shellac, which has been a huge source of joy. Mine would always have chipped after a few days - it's now lasting ten to 14.

My hair is growing well too. It's hard to see a difference in the lengths but my roots feel healthy and strong, which can only be a good thing.



Brought to you by Perfectil. 

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Perfectil contains biotin to help maintain normal skin, zinc to help maintain normal hair and selenium to help maintain normal nails.


The supplements work from within, delivering nourishment through the bloodstream.

So, we're asking YOU to take the 90 Day Challenge using Perfectil with along with me!  You can pick up a pack of Perfectil in your local pharmacy or health food store for only €12.99.

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So go on, embrace the true beauty of your skin, hair and nails, and see how effective that Perfectil really is.