'Pixel hair' is taking over Instagram but we think it looks like a bad dye job 3 years ago

'Pixel hair' is taking over Instagram but we think it looks like a bad dye job


Remember when you were 14 and you thought you were mad so you decided to start dyeing your hair at home?


We're talking dodgy dishwater blonde, we're talking jet black that accidentally dyed your entire scalp, we're talking shocking pink that was only shocking because of how shit it looked.

It was a grim time but look, we've all been there and we don't judge.

However, when a trend pops up and it starts taking over Instagram but it sort of just looks like you dyed your hair at home and did a botched job of it, we do judge.

We judge a lot.

'Pixel hair' is the latest thing that people are doing to themselves and then sharing the results on the internet.


And yeah, while the theory behind the trend is grand and all and some of them do look kind of cute, we honestly just can't say we'd absolutely be mad into trying something like this ourselves.


Because we just wouldn't.

We definitely wouldn't.


Some of these 'pixel hairs' looks alright, sure, but the second your hair starts to grow out, or you style it a different way, or you literally move your head an inch, the pixel is going to shift and look totally different.

It's just not practical, lads. And we cannot support it.