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Polly Pockets are making a comeback... in the beauty world anyway
Nostalgia vibes

We LOVED Polly Pockets.

They came absolutely everywhere with us and our mothers used to give out something mighty when she'd stand on one of her little outfits that were lying around the house (they were worse than stepping on a plug).

And now, it seems like they're coming back.

Well... sorta.

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At first glance Cosmetics brand, Lime Crime's, new eyeshadow palettes are the image of the old Polly Pockets' cases.

It even has the writing and logo the exact same.

???? Coming soon to a toy store near you... #pocketcandypalette

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The brand obviously took inspiration from the toy, as just days before the announcement, it shared a picture of Polly Pockets on Instagram.

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Each palette costs €28.42, and if you're feeling the nostalgia vibe, it thankfully ships to Ireland and goes on sale September 26.

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