Red velvet hair is apparently the new colour trend of the season 8 months ago

Red velvet hair is apparently the new colour trend of the season

The new delicious stylish hair trend is all over Instagram.

You’ve heard of creamy blonde, caramel highlights and chocolate brown, but what about red velvet as a hair colour? Yep, this new look is getting pretty popular and, if you can pull it off, looks kinda cool.

Normally a delicious cupcake, doughnut or an M&S spread (yes, you read that correctly), red velvet is moving away from the kitchen and into hair salons. As always though whether a hair trend will suit you or not is dependent on your hair type and also your complexion and personal style.

If you're thinking about giving your locks a bit of a re-fresh here's how to create the trend to suit you.

If you're blonde:

Refinery 29 spoke to master colourist and all-round hair wizard, Colleen Flaherty, about achieving the new red velvet colour and she said that if you aren't already blonde, pre-lightening is the first necessary step. Good communication with your colourist is key to achieve the tone you are happy with. When creating the look Colleen said,

"I created the red velvet color by mixing red and violet until it transformed into a shade we agreed upon."


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If you're brunette:

You might be able to achieve the colour trend without any pre-lightening, provided you have never coloured your hair before.

There's always the option to go for more of a subtle look and add the red violet colour to the mid-lengths and ends of your hair.

The new take on balayage is pretty class to be fair and is a great way of adapting more of a summer trend into Autumn/Winter.

Also, complexion dependent, you can opt for more red or more violet. See what your hairdresser reckons would be my advice. Don't think this one could be a DIY job, unforch.