RTÉ Presenter Aonghus McAnally Speaks About Recent Hair Transplant 6 years ago

RTÉ Presenter Aonghus McAnally Speaks About Recent Hair Transplant

RTÉ broadcaster Aonghus McAnally has revealed that he recently opted for a hair transplant. 

McAnally, who is also a musician and producer, explained to Marian Finucane on national radio this morning that he fely he was losing part of his identity when the hair began to thin out.


“Over the last 10 years initially, and in the last five years particularly, the problem just exacerbated a lot. I noticed my hair was thinning and suddenly began to disappear”, he said.

“My hair has always defined me”, McAnally continued.

The presenter, who is best known for his stints on 80s children's show Anything Goes and hugely popular entertainment shows  The Lyrics Board, turns 60 today.


Broadcaster Aonghus McAnally (pic via The Sunday Times)

He went on to say that we was able to afford the surgery, which cost "thousands of euro", after the death of his beloved mother. He explained he received "A lovely wind fall from my mother who I am sure would be looking down on me saying 'there ya are now son. Don’t say I never do anything for you'."

Now, a number of weeks after the surgery, McAnally said his confidence has improved greatly. “I suddenly felt much younger. I felt fresher, I felt happier and I don’t think you could put a price on how that makes you feel”.