Sally Hansen Fan? You'll LOVE This News 8 years ago

Sally Hansen Fan? You'll LOVE This News

If you look upon Sally as your saviour for a night on the tiles or a big day out, then pay attention: now is the time to stock up. 

Airbrush fans will be delighted to hear that Sally Hansen has introduced a new limited edition Airbrush Legs Spray Value Size.


Bargain hunters will be equally delighted to hear that this new bigger size is available from March for a limited period of time priced at €13.95, which is the same price as the regular can.

The Value Size is only available in the Matte Formula and in the best selling shade Medium.

AirBrush Legs_newImage_F

Here comes the math bit: The original size can is 75ml and the special bigger size can is 193ml, so you're getting a whopping 118ml for free.


Famous fans of our favourite colour in a can include Kim Kardashian and model Heidi Klum. Well if it's good enough for Heidi...

The limited edition Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs Spray Value Can (€13.95) will be available in selected stores nationwide in March.