Eight Major Struggles Every Lipstick Addict Will Relate To 5 years ago

Eight Major Struggles Every Lipstick Addict Will Relate To

Give a woman the right lipstick and she can conquer the world.

We're not sure where this phrase came from, but there's something to it. To be a proud wearer of lipstick is a beautiful thing. Most of the time.


With great shades of lipstick, however, come great struggles, and if you're a lipstick addict like we are, you'll be all to familiar with these particular moments.

To celebrate the launch of Rimmel's THE ONLY 1 Lipstick, a new all-in-one lipstick offering you colour, comfort, moisture and long-lasting wear, we've bringing you eight struggles all lipstick addicts will understand.

1. The total distress of this sight:


When you spend as much money on lipstick as you do, a broken tube is an upsetting sight. A very upsetting sight indeed.

2. Leaving the house with lipstick on your teeth...

Is your biggest fear in life.



3. Deciding what shade to wear every morning...

Is one of the biggest choices you face all day. And it's not to be rushed.

beyonce lipstick gif

4. You leave your mark...


On every single thing you own. Your lipstick follows you around all day.


5. Seriously, it goes everywhere.

You live the smudge life, and there's nothing to be done about it.


green apple on a white background with a kiss mark

6. Nothing in your life is safe from your lipstick


7. Keeping your lips chap-free... 


During the winter months is high priority. Cracked lips + lipstick is not a good look. Reaching for Rimmel's new THE ONLY 1 Lipstick offers moisture, colour, comfort and long-lasting wear - just what every beauty addict looks for in a lipstick!

lipstick gif

8. Lining your lips...

Is a full-blown operation. You've got a routine, and it's not to be messed with.

emma stone lipstick gif

Lipstick lovers! This article is brought to you by Rimmel London.

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