This is the Shellac shade Irish women cannot get enough of 4 years ago

This is the Shellac shade Irish women cannot get enough of

How did we ever manage without Shellac?

It might be a first world problem but doing your nails yourself is far from an easy task.


You wait ages for the nail varnish to dry and even then, you can be sure it will smudge as soon as you touch something...and don't even get us started on the fact that you barely get a day before one nail chips completely.

It's no wonder that we've all become Shellac (or gel nail) converts and of course, we have our favourite, go-to shades.

Our personal favourites are Satin Pyjamas, Lobster Roll and Cake Pop but none of these make an appearance on the top five best-selling Shellac shades in Ireland.

Given that nudes and neutrals are so popular in fashion and interiors right now, we fully expected to see a pale shade take the top spot but no, it seems bright is where it's at this year.


The only one we do know and LOVE is the slate grey Field Fox which slots in at number two but the other four are quite surprising.

Behold the top five...

  1. Ecstasy


     2. Field Fox


    3. Pink Leggings


   4. Blue Eyeshadow

   5. Video Violet




Would you agree, does your favourite feature? Or have you another cult shade that we need to know about? Drop me a line at if so -  Shellac obsessed.

Main image via Instagram: CND Shellac