The extremely random place you're meant to keep perfume 3 years ago

The extremely random place you're meant to keep perfume


Apparently, a cool space, like your fridge, is best for ensuring your perfume keeps its scent for longer.

Aside from the fact that it's meant for food, it isn't exactly convenient to remember to put your perfume in the fridge every time you use it.

In saying that, given the soaring temperatures of the last few days, we're pretty much willing to put anything in the fridge, including ourselves.

Chatting to Byrdie, Mark Knitowski, who just so happens to hold the title of Senior VP of Product Development and Innovation for Victoria’s Secret Beauty said:

"The best way to keep your fragrance fresh and longer-lasting is to store it in a cool, unlit space, like a refrigerator. It can make the fragrance last up two years longer."

You're probably wondering why on earth this is a good idea and Mark has explained the reasoning behind this rather surprising theory.

"When fragrance is in heat and sunlight, it loses its intensity and impression due to heat's ability to evaporate the fragrance character. The more you store the fragrance this way, the better".

There is one other alternative and that's to stick your perfume of choice into the press but only AFTER you've wrapped it in tinfoil.

Again, that sounds like a lot of effort, but if it makes a scent last longer, we guess it's worth a go...particularly if you've splashed out on a very expensive bottle.